You Are The Paparazzi

Interact with a celebrity, politician or sports figure just take a photo, a video and ask them some
questions like you are a TMZ journalist. Upload your story to and get paid!

How It Works

It's really simple to make money from your interactions with famous people. Just take several photos of them and walk up and asked them a few interesting questions while you videotape them on your phone. Then you upload your content to CelebeRAZZI and we will monetize your content. Build up your catalog of images and videos and you will be making alot of money! Your photos and videos could end up on TMZ, People, Entertainment Tonight and anywhere you currently see celebrity news.


How Do You Get Paid?

Our website is dedicated to collecting the latest Celebrity photos, videos and spot interviews. We then sell the content you create to celebrity news outlets and magazines in the exact same manner real Paparazzi do. You have the same opportunities that professional Paparazzi do because you can simply locate celebrities anywhere around your town. Celebrities are constantly arrviving in your city to perform concerts, play games against your local teams, or promote their latest book or movie. You can simply show up to the event and take videos and pictures. And if you happen to see them walking around your city you can ask for pictures, autographs and shoot videos. As long as you are polite and courteous most celebrities will be happy to help you make money through your interactions with them.


What Type Of Images Do I Film

In this background you can see how close fans get to celebrities all the time. If they would have taken a solo photograph of the celebrity instead of a "Fan Photo" they would have been able to sell their photos. If they would have videotaped their interaction and asked a few interview questions they may have gotten and exclusive quote and made a ton of money. One photo or video could potentially be worth thousands of dollars!


Example Images

The type of photos and videos that sell the best are shown in these following images. Remember to always be polite and professional and soon you will establish a fun and lucrative income for your creative work.

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